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About Japantown

San Francisco’s Japantown is a cultural immersion where history abounds and tradition thrives. First populated in the 1860s by Japanese immigrants, it is the largest and oldest of the three remaining Japantowns in the United States. Authenticity radiates from restaurants that serve some of the best ramen, udon, and sushi in SF. Marufuku Ramen, Udon Muzigo, and Kippu are just a few local favorites. 

Also unique to Japantown are its malls that boast a wide variety of stores for clothing, toys, art, cultural memorabilia, and everyday needs. Karaoke bars and shows at the Kabuki Theater contribute to the neighborhood’s vibrant nightlife. Bordered by Lower Pacific Heights and the Fillmore District, activity, entertainment, and proximity combine to cultivate the eccentric charm of this historical hotspot.