Rent Relief

Rent Relief

Jun 17th,2021




There is a Way Out of Rental Debt – And Relief Is Still Available

As the world starts to reopen and the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel is getting brighter, we cannot forget that immense economic repercussions still persist. Heaviest on our hearts is the large population of Californians who have been challenged to keep up with rental payments over the past year and a half and who are continuing to accumulate significant debt without receiving the relief that is readily available to them. In San Francisco alone, rent debt is estimated to be anywhere between $160 million and $400 million. There is a solution—rental relief from the federal and state government.

Congress allocated more than $45 billion in rental relief, which is rightfully available to those who need the debt support in California through the state’s SB-91 program. Recently, the state of California pledged additional funds, promised to streamline applications and step-up outreach efforts to more quickly deliver $2.6 billion in emergency rental assistance. This means funds are allocated to those with need and not on a first-come, first-served basis. Relief also does not discern whether residents live in small or large rental buildings. Now everyone who needs help and qualifies can get it—they just need to apply.

What is even better is that many Mosser residents who applied for the government’s rent relief are already receiving their relief and able to move forward without this concern hanging over them.

We have already had close to 300 residents apply for rent relief via the state program and many of those applications are now being approved—this is fantastic news! However, many eligible residents have yet to apply—essentially leaving the state’s money, to which they are entitled, on the table. We believe our residents should receive the relief that they rightfully deserve and are committed to supporting those who need our help.

We are here to help residents who have not applied for rent relief. Independent organizations such as Catholic Charities, among others, are also here to help with rental applications—we’ve included a list below.

We are sensitive that residents may have concerns about disclosure and eligibility restrictions. The State of California has provided that those with financial need can apply at no charge for assistance regardless of citizenship or immigration status and their privacy would be maintained. Applicants will not be asked about their citizenship, nor will they be required to show proof of citizenship. Repeat: applicants’ privacy will be maintained. In addition, participation in, and funds provided through the rental assistance program will not impact other state or federal public assistance or benefits provided to the applicant.

Mosser residents do not have to navigate the application process alone. It requires both resident and property manager involvement to achieve rent relief and the Mosser team is here to provide support. We are committed to look after residents’ best interest and make sure they have access to resources they are entitled to and provide significant financial and stress relief. Rent relief application appointments can be scheduled by email at or by calling Mosser’s Resident Relations team to set up an appointment at 415-284-9000 (press 1).

More information about the COVID-19 Tenant Relief Act and new state or local rental assistance programs–including how to qualify for assistance—can be found by visiting or calling 1-833-422-4255. Following are outreach partners who are actively working with residents to support rent relief via the SB-91 state program:

To check on rent relief eligibility, please consult this overview:

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