Positive Testament to Living the Mosser Experience

Positive Testament to Living the Mosser Experience

Feb 13th,2024




At Mosser, we take pride in providing our residents with more than just a place to live – we strive to create an experience that includes comfort, safety, and convenience. Over the last several months, we’ve been grateful for the positive feedback we received from residents. Certain themes repeat through many of our reviews. These themes highlight the exceptional experiences of those living in Mosser properties. They include:

1. Responsive and Polite Property Management:

Our property managers are the backbone of the Mosser experience, ensuring that every resident feels heard, responded to, and valued.

Some of the reviews noted:

“The property manager Byron Ixcal responds very promptly. He is polite, professional, and helpful.”

This testimonial reflects our commitment to responsive and attentive property management, creating an environment where residents feel supported and appreciated.

2. Well-Maintained Properties:

A clean and well-maintained living space is not just a luxury – it’s a fundamental aspect of the Mosser lifestyle.

“The place is well maintained, and the units are nicely renovated.”
“The street is clean, the hallways inside the building are clean.”

We understand that a comfortable home extends beyond the walls of an apartment. Our dedication to cleanliness ensures a positive living environment for all our residents.

3. Security and Safety Measures:

Feeling safe in your living space is paramount. At Mosser, we go the extra mile to create a secure atmosphere.

“I never felt unsafe. 146 McAllister is between two Hastings buildings, so the streets/sidewalks are always cleaned, and security prohibits encampments or loitering.”
“Gary McCuistion, the resident manager at 545 O’Farrell street, is super helpful. He helped hold onto my Amazon packages even though I have moved out. I’m thankful for Gary and his honesty.”

Our commitment to safety reflects our dedication to residents’ peace of mind.

4. Efficient Maintenance and Work Order Handling:

Issues can arise, but at Mosser, we make sure they are addressed promptly and effectively.

“Just recently I had an issue with my refrigerator, and the work order team addressed it right away. The team was helpful and accommodating with my schedule, and the maintenance team members Paris and Jose who came into my home were super friendly and knowledgeable.”

Our maintenance team is not just efficient but also personable, ensuring that every concern is resolved with a smile.

5. Helpful and Professional Staff:

At Mosser, our staff members are more than just employees – they are dedicated individuals who contribute to the warmth of our community.

“Saad Alaoui was a good leading agent. He was hardworking and helped me take care of everything in a timely manner.”
“Gary McQuistion’s honesty in handling Amazon packages is particularly appreciated, creating a sense of trust between residents and staff.”

The dedication and professionalism of our staff members are integral to the positive experiences shared by our residents.

6. Convenient Location:

Location matters, and we’re proud to offer properties that are strategically located for convenience.

“The location is very convenient to public parking, Muni, and Bart.”
“The convenient location of the properties, with easy access to public parking, Muni, and Bart, is… a positive aspect.”

Living in a Mosser property means enjoying the perks of a prime location within the community that complements your lifestyle.

7. Ownership and Pride in Property:

Our property managers take ownership and pride in ensuring that every aspect of our buildings reflects the high standards we uphold.

“The Resident Manager of the building, Keaka Rietow, does a great job taking care of the property, and I always see him around making sure the common areas are looking good. I love his ownership.”

This sense of ownership translates to an environment where residents can truly feel at home.

Positive testimonials and experiences shared by our residents are a testament to the Mosser difference. We are genuinely grateful for the trust our residents place in us and are committed to continually providing excellent service.

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