Green Improvements – Being Environmentally Friendly

Green Improvements – Being Environmentally Friendly

Aug 23rd,2021




Being eco-friendly not only minimizes the strain on the environment but also delivers other health, economic, and social benefits. Moreover, implementing environmentally friendly solutions at Mosser combines two of our greatest motivators—doing good for residents and doing good for the planet. As we often say, Mosser’s utmost priority is to provide a great place for residents to call home, a commitment we have doubled-down on with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic. While our efforts to be more environmentally conscientious began many years ago, Mosser continues to elevate efforts in being eco-friendly that benefit our residents as much as the environment.

Green Administrative Practices

In addition, Mosser makes a daily effort to improve garbage and recycling effectiveness by sorting recycling from trash and reducing what is sent to the landfill.

Mosser is also enhancing the efficiency of the technology available to residents. Over the past year, Mosser has implemented broader Wi-Fi in select properties as we work to ensure residents have the highest quality service available. Mosser has also adopted an online portal for residents to simplify requests, workorders, payments or any other outreach to our dedicated resident services team.

Major Systems Upkeep/Renewal and Smart Water-Saving Fixtures

This year Mosser was specifically attuned to improving our electric and water efficiency to do our part in preserving precious resources and minimize ongoing utility expenses for all parties.

Mosser moved toward greater sustainability by installing high-efficiency, low-flow toilets in units to decrease water usage, particularly in consideration of California’s drought. Please be on the lookout for your scheduled time as we intend to bring this benefit to all our properties.

Beautification and Supply Choices

Mosser uses low-VOC paint and eco-friendly features such as quartz countertops and LVT (luxury vinyl tile) flooring to make units healthier and more attractive for residents.

Energy Efficient Appliances and Eco-Friendly Lighting

As part of our ongoing upgrade, we are bringing LED lighting into units and common areas to provide quality, efficient and consistent lighting throughout our properties. And in both new and long-occupied units, we are installing Energy Start appliances to upgrade the performance and efficiency. As a reminder, if you have an appliance that you think may be guzzling killowatts, please reach out to our Maintenance department so we can inspect and explore alternatives.

The COVID-19 support Mosser received last year went directly into helping us maintain our service teams to accomplish these positive, eco-friendly improvements across Mosser properties. We look forward to continuing to find new and functional ways to best serve residents and the environment as we all forge ahead.

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