Employee Spotlight: Longtime Resident Manager Ranferi Reyes Makes Mosser Magic

Employee Spotlight: Longtime Resident Manager Ranferi Reyes Makes Mosser Magic

May 25th,2023




Ranferi Reyes has been a vital part of the Mosser team for 20 years.

“Ranferi’s longevity is a strong reflection of Mosser’s supportive, stable culture, and demonstrates the level of employee satisfaction within the company,” said Bryce Vree, Mosser’s Chief of Staff. “Ranferi has gained considerable knowledge and knows what works and what does not work here. He is highly productive and flexible, having worked in numerous important roles, and a great support for residents and team members. We are fortunate to have long-standing employees like Ranferi who embody Mosser Magic and are central to our mission of providing great service to residents and community.”

Ranferi held many positions during his tenure at Mosser and worked his way up through the ranks. In his current role as Area Manager, he is responsible for the overall quality of over 20 Mosser properties in San Francisco.

Ranferi lives on-site in a Mosser apartment home and oversees maintenance, janitorial and unit upgrades for certain properties. He also addresses key issues in his Resident Manager role including posting notices, training employees, and helping with resident concerns. He regularly helps new residents during move in and is always on call for emergencies. Finally, his experience with building maintenance, utilities, and overall property care goes a long way as he manages vendors and subcontractors, like plumbers and electricians, when they address necessary building repairs.

Before working at Mosser, Ranferi was a student in Guatemala. His first job was with Mosser Companies Renovation Team in 2004. He worked on property upgrades, modernizing and enhancing classic Mosser buildings. He also worked on Mosser’s Janitorial and Work Order teams and managed the Mosser warehouse.

Ranferi joined the company when Charles Mosser, the company founder, was still influential in the company. Under Neveo Mosser’s direction, Ranferi watched Mosser become a leader in rent-stabilized urban community housing in San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles over the decades. He is also witness to the next generation of the Mosser family–Melissa, Bryce, Jared, Avery and Fiona–making their mark in the family business over the years.

“I love working at Mosser and enjoy the opportunities they have given me to learn on the job and keep growing. I have spent half my life with the company—they are my family,” said Ranferi. “I enjoy

spending time with my coworkers both in and out of work. We often have lunch and cookouts together. We are friends.”

Outside of work, Ranferi has his own band that plays around the San Francisco Bay Area, at times for crowds of 3,000 people. He sings, plays the piano, and enjoys making music. We are grateful to have Ranferi, and all his talents, as a long-time team member within Mosser.

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